100% of your purchase is invested into our social mission to help trafficked women experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.

Your Purchase Transforms Lives

      For every purchase of our Give Hope Gift Set, a second piece will be given to a woman still trapped in exploitation.

      With this jewelry selection, our outreach teams will share a message of hope and offer her the oppurtunity to experience freedom.

"I have found my freedom at Starfish Project."

- Mae Lee, Photographer


"These earrings are pretty and very elegant! "

- Lorena on the Contented Earrings


"These earrings catch the sunlight beautifully."

- Annie on the Known Earrings


"The natural leaf design is perfect for any spring look."

- Ashleigh on the Thriving Earrings & Necklace


"They are a perfect combination of subtle and sparkly."

- Marissa on the Lora Opal Stud Earrings

The Starfish Blog

Highlights of Hope

The Starfish Blog

Highlights of Hope

My Dream Job at Starfish Project


Sun Sun's Story

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